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UK Indie Singer-Songwriter


Summary Profile

Sue Merchant is an English indie singer-songwriter known for her sincere crafting of songs, and her unguarded vocal delivery which communicates a directness that resonates with both intimacy and candor.  Her songs are inspired by real people and events and she consequently approaches her acoustic orientated music as personal, heartfelt expression.

Primary Genre: Singer-Songwriter.
Secondary Genres: Folk, New Folk, Country, Americana, Acoustic.
Style: An emotionally charged and thought provoking blend of original songs, influenced by personal experience.

Industry Awards include:
1st Place Honours: UKSC BRIT Trust International Songwriting Contest.
1st Place Honours: LGB Pride in the Arts Awards. 
Billboard Honours List. 
Accreditation by the World Music Foundation for 'Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting'. 


Pro Review

"Although her music definitely falls into the folk category, singer songwriter, Sue Merchant more closely recalls the after-dark broodiness of indie goddess, Nico than her reported influences of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. 

Like Nico, Merchant takes you on a sombre journey, one that is coloured by the spectre of death and romantic loss.  It's not easy listening to music this raw and emotional. When Merchant sings "A photograph of you hung in my dreams" on 'Virginia in the Fall', you can feel the slow beat of a longing heart. 

 Merchant is a poet, but not just with her words. Her singing itself, weaves its own black magic and you are compelled to listen to her words.  Her guitar playing, sparse and intimate, paints vivid images.  On the title track, Merchant haunts the ears with both her lyrics of regret and her downbeat, melancholic voice. 

Without any false sentimentalism or cliched lyrics, Merchant makes us weep.  As with the best Leonard Cohen records, it's the type of song that you listen to with the curtains closed.  
There's a saturation of singer songwriters these days, especially here in the UK, but Merchant easily separates herself from the pack with genuine talent and sincere artistry.

Our Rating: 9/10

Adam Harrington/Whisperin & Hollerin"

From 'Too Late' (Unplugged @ Kingsbury Episcopi Church - 2023 Upload) (c) All Rights Reserved. PRS: CAE593311353

Commercial Album: 'Reflections from the Edge' - 16 Original Songs - Available on Apple Music/iTunes

Track Listing: - 1. Fool. 3.10


2. Water over Stone. 2.50


3. To the Lighthouse. 4.06


4. The Harbour. 3.21


5. Virtually Unreal. 3.31


6. From 'Too Late'. 4.52


7. Virginia in the Fall. 3.29


8. I can feel. 3.42


9. Suzanne, I can't. 4.14


10. Hey Drew. 4.24


11. Vignette from the Edge. 3.26


12. Sarah, sing me the Blues. 4.08


13. Breaking Icicles. 3.25


14. Stage Plays. 2.56


15. The Game. 3.11


16. In Africa. 3.05


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Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar 

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